Fellowship For Adults

Christian fellowship is enjoyed by many members and everyone is welcome.

Coffee AM - Sunday Mornings

Coffee and rolls are served at 9:00 am every Sunday morning before our 10:00 wordhip service. Various groups and individuals volunteer to host the coffee each Sunday in the lounge. A sign-up sheet in posted on the bulletin board across from the church office. Free will offering. 


On Target Fellowship is an outreach program of Bethel Lutheran Church for the purpose of:

a) fostering safe and responsible firearms ownership

b) providing training and skill development with firearms in a family, friendly atmosphere

c) encouraging the growth of a personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Please access On Target Fellowship Facebook site for current programs, pictures, times and dates of events.


Adult Bible Study is held in the lounge after Sunday Worship service. This group is reading through the Bible by consectitive books and chapters. Using the concordence, study Bibles, maps of the ancient Middle East, other study guides, and participants indvidual knowledge and experiences, this group share their Christian faith and understanding.


The Survey of Church History study group will begin again in the fall in the youth room. Though  video lectures by W. Robert Godfrey of Ligonier Ministries this group studies how church history demonstrates God's promise to build and preserve His Church so "that the gates of hell will not prevail against it" (Matt. 16:18) Having a working knowledge of church history begining in 100AD to 2000AD remains relevant for our personal lives today and for the church as a whole.