Mission Team

The Mission Team's purpose is to give money from the Bethl congregation to organizations and private persons who are in need. In 2015 the following donations were given:

Special Offerings designations:            Lent                 Water II Hati                                    $3,778.75

                                                                      Easter               Christian Charity Fund                 $3,185.00

                                                                      Thanksgiving    Tropical Health Alliance              $  735.00

                                                                       Christmas         1/2 Crossroads Kearney              $1,561.50

                                                                                                   1/2 Salvation Army                      $1,561.50

Donations:  Feed My Starving Children    $1,500.00     Picnic for Falls Community Church      $  500.00

                       Falls Community Church        $3,095.00    Jodi Topil-Pino                                            $  500.00

                        Youth Quake                             $2500.00     Chad & Kash Schoff                                  $  500.00

                        Peace Lutheran Church          $2,500.00    Kitty Werthman Program                        $  500.00

                        Heartland District LCMC         $  500.00    Lutheran Family Services                         $2,000.00

                        Sola Publishing                          $2000.00   Tartu Academy & Seminary                      $1,500.00

                        Trinty Lutheran Church Axtel  $1,000.00  Trinty Lutheran Church Gothenberg      $1000.00

                         Cornerstone Lutheran Church $1000.00   Scholarship & Grant Committee            $5000.00  

                          Gideon Society                          $1000.00    Tropical Health Alliance                           $2,500.00

The love of Christ is seen in the generosity of the Bethel congregation. 

"The King will reply, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sister of mine, you did for me." Matt 25: 40        


Bethel Lutheran Church has a mission church in Sioux Falls, SD.  Bethel, other churches and businesses in the community have been assisting the congregation at the Falls Communiy Church since February 2015. Present.y the congregation is raising funds to retire the mortgage on their church. They have developed an on-line giving page through Razoo. Falls Community Church has made great progress with their building, membership and community service in the lasy year. They continue to grow through focused evangelism with Sudanese and African immigrants. During the last three weeks they hav raised $4828.00  Read their story on Razoo and help out with a donation, if you can. Click on this link to donate: https:www.razoo.com/us/story/Wwijhf or send a donation to Falls Community Church, 327 North Fairfax, Sious Falls, SD 57103-1324  Thank you