Parish Council and Committees

Parish Council and Committees

The administrative function of the church is organized with a seven member council consisting of an executive board, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three members at-large. Each member is elected for a two-year term and can be relected for two more years.  The pastor holds  an advisory position to the counsel, all committees, and boards.

Each three council members at-large is assigned to provide the connection between boards, council, and congregation:

 Board of Deacons, overseeing the spiritual concerns of the church,

Board of Trustees, overseeing all the financial matters and care of the church property or

 Board of Ministries, overseeing the outreach and fellowship of the church.

Committees functioning under each Board:

Board of Deacons: Worship and Music; Evangelism, Christian Education, Stewardship. 

Board of Trustees:  Finance, Property, Security, Memorial, Scholarship and Grants

Board of Ministries: Bethel Church Women, Bethel Church Men, Missions, Caring Cupboard, Youth and Family.


Each member of the congregation is encouraged to take part in the administration of the church.


The Boards for Tutoring Tots and Bethel Foundation are independent entities.